• 50 Buns

It’s been a Year!!!

It doesn't seem like it, but today marks our 1 year anniversary. We are proud to share yet another milestone with you guys. We have come quite a way from when we started off as 2 guys who were bored during a pandemic. Now with the support of our partners, donars, friends, family and the guidance of our respected professors from Sheridan College. We’ve made it this far, and we got more to come.

We would love to thank Love Em’ Co for their continued support. They also donate 10% of there monthly proceeds to 50 Buns, which allows to keep moving forward. Shout out to Love Em’ Co for coming out with us on our last delivery and creating this short film.

As well as St. Louis Alliston for aiding us with the resources we required for the foundation of our charity. Without these resources we wouldn’t have gotten to the point we are at today.🎉🎉

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