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We are always happy to accept more help to aid Toronto's most vulnerable. If you are interested in helping or can help, please visit our contact page and get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!


St. Lous Bar and GRill

St. Louis Bar and Grill Barrie located on Veterans Drive is one of many St. Louis Bar and Grill’s franchise locations that is popularly known for its wings. St. Louis is a popular restaurant in the city of Barrie, Ontario, and is a pillar in the community by always looking to help others. Throughout our journey, they have been a proud supporter and partner since the beginning of our initiative. 

St. Louis Bar and Grill have been supporting us by lending us their kitchen, and their food suppliers to help us make our food as cost-efficient as possible. With each delivery, St. Louis not only allows us to use their facilities but also helps out with our initiative by donating burger toppings for every delivery. St. Louis continues to play a key role in our initiative and is truly a foundation for 50 Buns. To learn more about St. Louis check out their website. 

Love 'Em Co.

Love 'Em Company seeks to provide thought-provoking, comfortable, and quality apparel for their customers with the ambition of inspiring love and generosity in our communities. Love 'Em Company envisions being a brand that will be known globally for encouraging love, bringing people together, and helping to better the world for the next generation. 


Love 'Em Company is a proud partner who assists 50 Buns by extending their resources and contacts to help send more aid towards Toronto’s Most Vulnerable Individuals. In addition to helping by extending their resources, Love 'Em Company also helps fund a portion of our biweekly food distribution to help the overall cause.


They donate 10% of their monthly profits to help support our monthly finances. To learn more about Love 'Em Company check out their website. 

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