Meet Our team

Gowris Sripathmanathan (Founder) 

There are a multitude of reasons as to why we created 50 Buns. With the entire pandemic in place, Jeveen and myself were unable to volunteer around the community which is something we thoroughly enjoyed doing. We looked at everything that was going on in society as everyone quarantined and noticed that some people were forgotten. I am someone who likes to cook, and even more than cooking, I enjoy feeding people. Put those together and you now have 2 guys who want to go around feeding people.

Working with 50 Buns grants me the opportunity to give back to the community, and get to know the community. Being able to do so and making someone's day better also makes my day better knowing that I can make a positive impact on another person's life or day. In the end, we are all in this together and is important to find a way to help one another when times are tough.

Jeveen Sandhu (Founder) 

We created 50 Buns because we wanted to give back to the community. With the quarantine in place, there weren’t as many options to give back to others. The quarantine also made it significantly harder for homeless individuals to get access to food, that’s why we partnered up with local businesses to put together a meal for the homeless in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). There are millions of induvial who don’t have a roof over their heads or don’t have food on the table. If we can go out there and make someone’s day better. We accomplished our goal. 

I have always enjoyed volunteering, and 50 Buns gives me another opportunity to give back to the community and make someone’s day better. Volunteering has always given me self-confidence, as I am doing good for others and the community, which gives me a natural sense of accomplishment. Volunteering is an act of kindness. It involves caring, loving and sharing your time and heart to give back to the ones that need it the most.

Alexia Brown (Volunteer / Photographer)

I volunteer with 50 Buns because I want to help make a change in the world by helping those in need, the people who are looked over by others. I see a world where we all look out for each other no matter the kind of situation the person is in or the colour of their skin, we all got each other’s backs. I cannot change the world on my own but I can do my part by volunteering as many others can. 50 Buns has given me the opportunity to meet new people in different situations than myself and continuously teaching me something new about people. I want to give those in need hope, that there are people out there who got their backs.

Shannoy Campbell (Volunteer)

I volunteer because who am I to judge, I volunteer because who I am to act like I’m not flawed, I volunteered because selflessness is the best way to show love. I come out here every other Saturday because it’s a deed that speaks volume, beyond us. It’s a way to show that even through difficult times and hardships, we should not get distracted and become self-centred.

Virusan Suntharalingam (Volunteer)

I greatly respect our 50 buns team to bring this excellent deed to feed the homeless. I volunteer because this is something that I always worried about when I see the homeless individuals on the street struggling to get food every day. Volunteering creates a lot of change for the community, especially during these cruel times. Please respect each other and treated each other equally. Stay Safe.