Meet Our team

Jeveen Sandhu (Founder)

I have always loved volunteering, and 50 Buns has given me another opportunity to give back to the community and make someone’s day better. Volunteering has always given me self-confidence, as I am doing good for others and the community, which gives me a natural sense of accomplishment. 


Volunteering is an act of kindness. It involves caring, loving and sharing your time and heart to give back to the ones that need it the most. Whatever your cause or motivation, I hope you'll agree with me that volunteerism service is an extraordinary gift to those in need.


Gowrisanger Sripathmanathan (Founder) 

Volunteering in general was something my father introduced to me when I was a kid. It's something that I enjoyed doing then and still something I enjoy doing today. To be able to help others with no return, granted me a sense of value and fulfillment.


With the initiation and continued services of 50 Buns, I am able to continue volunteering and fuelling the sense of fulfillment, but through my hobby of cooking.


Alexia Brown (Photographer) 📸

I volunteer with 50 Buns because I want to help make a change in the world by helping those in need, the people who are looked over by others. I see a world where we all look out for each other no matter the kind of situation the person is in or the colour of their skin, we all got each other’s backs.


I cannot change the world on my own but I can do my part by volunteering as many others can. 50 Buns has given me the opportunity to meet new people in different situations than myself and continuously teaching me something new about people. I want to give those in need hope, that there are people out there who got their backs. 🧡

Virusan Suntharalingam

I greatly respect our 50 Buns team for bringing this excellent deed to feed Toronto's Most Vulnerable Individuals. I have always loved volunteering, while my time at Sheridan College I had taken every opportunity to volunteer. I volunteer because it has always brought joy to my heart.


Volunteering creates a lot of change for the community, especially during these crucial times. Please respect each other and treated each other equally.

Shannoy Campbell

I have always enjoyed volunteering. I volunteer because selflessness is the best way to show love. I have been volunteering with 50 buns over the past year. It’s a deed that speaks volume, beyond us. This is a way to show that even through difficult times and hardships, we should not get distracted and become self-centred.


The world needs more humble and caring individuals. Just remember that every selfless act is rewarded with good karma. 🛐♉️✊🏿