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About US

50 Buns is a non-profit organization run by a group of individuals that provides food aid for the homeless in the Downtown Toronto area.

Access to food for the most vulnerable has become significantly more challenging and because of this, we took it upon ourselves to reduce those challenges. 

We are rooted in our beliefs of volunteering, sharing our time with others, meeting people who have walked different paths in life, and making someone’s day better. We pledge ourselves to full transparency of our finances, the days we deliver, what we deliver, and the cost of each delivery.

Our focus is to bring together local businesses and local farmers to help put together meals to feed the less fortunate and bring it directly to them. We have been successful so far by partnering with organizations like St. Louis Bar & Grill, 1 Church Street Bar & Grill, Impact Kitchen, Love ‘Em Co, and BOLD Lemonade. 

We personally cook, assemble and package fifty or more burgers which also include snacks and drinks. These meals are then delivered bi-weekly to the unhoused across Toronto.

Help us Bring Unity to our Community!


 Is to bring together the community and local businesses to feed Toronto's Most Vulnerable Individuals. 


Is to make a pillar in the community through acts of service.

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